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Free Meter w/purchase of 2 boxes of ketone strips

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Free Meter w/purchase of 2 boxes of ketone strips - SEE DETAILS BELOW


Glucose & Ketone Meter

The Nova Max Plus Glucose/Ketone monitoring system uses advanced measurement technology to measure both blood glucose and ketone levels with the same meter. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends blood ketone testing for people with diabetes whenever the blood sugar level is 250 mg/dL or larger, especially as part of diabetes sick day management. With both glucose and ketone measuring on the same monitor, Nova Max Plus is ideal for children or adolescents with diabetes, insulin pump users, and anyone with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes who uses insulin. Nova Max Plus automatically reminds the user to check the blood ketones whenever a blood sugar level is 250 mg/dL or higher. Nova Max glucose test strips were proven the most accurate among the leading glucose monitor brands in an independent 2011 study*. Nova Max glucose test strips require a very small amount of blood, just 0.3 microliters, with alternate site glucose testing available from either the palm or forearm. Ketone test strips require only 0.8 microliters of blood. Nova Max Plus is easy to use and provides rapid results. Simply insert a glucose or ketone test strip and the meter automatically converts to the appropriate measuring mode. There is no coding required for either glucose or blood ketone monitoring. Glucose results are displayed in just 5 seconds, ketone results in just 10 seconds. A 33 gauge Sureflex lancing device and ten 33 gauge lancets for virtually pain-free testing are included in the monitor kit. Nova Max Plus meters can store 400 test results. The Nova Instant Savings Card is included in every monitor kit. The Nova card can be used at most retail pharmacies to reduce the cost of Nova Max glucose test strips to a $15 co-pay with most insurance plans. In addition, Nova’s Instant Savings Card allows for cash purchase of Nova Max glucose test strips for $20 per box at retail pharmacies, with unlimited card use and no registration. The Nova Max Plus Monitor Kit includes a Nova Max Plus Glucose/Ketone monitor, a Sureflex lancing device with alternate site testing cap, 10 lancets, warranty card, Quick Reference Guide, carrying case, battery, Owner’s Guide and log book. *O’Kane M, et. al., How Accurate are Glucose Meters Used for Patient Testing, Poster presented at European Association for the Study of Diabetes, September 2011, Lisbon Portugal.

Ketone Meter Test Strips

Nova Max Ketone Test Strips are designed for use with the Nova Max Plus monitor. Nova Max Ketone Test Strips measure ketone levels in blood with a very small sample, just 0.8 microliters. Results are available in only 10 seconds. The American Diabetes Association recommends blood ketone testing whenever the blood glucose level is >250 mg/dL or during sick days. One box of ketone strips contains 2 vials, each with 5 test strips. Nova's ketone test strip provide a 2-year shelf life from the date of manufacture. The test strip vial can be stored in the Nova Max Plus carrying case so that ketone strips are readily available. A pamphlet explaining ketone test results is included in each test strip box.

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